Hospitals Adapt to Ensure Payment for Their Services

Through increased cost sharing from high deductible health plans, patients are becoming responsible for more medical costs to facilities and providers. The hospitals and medical facilities are using alternative methods in collecting patient responsibility. More...

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The Push for Consumerism in Health Care

There is a growing push for patients to take on the role of the consumer when seeking health care. However, the complexity of the health care industry naturally steers people away from taking greater control. A movement of greater transparency has given patients more...

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Why pay more for an MRI when you don’t have to?

The price difference for MRIs in hospitals versus imaging centers is significant in many states. Take a look at the numbers given in a recent article by Jayne O'Donnell and Shari Rudavsky: "This price spread was widest in Alaska, where the median price for hospital...

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The Case for Reference-Based Pricing

Many employers use cost-shifting health strategies to mitigate health care costs to their employees. But how far will companies go? The more costs that are pushed off onto employees, the less benefit they receive from the company's health care plan. There is a better...

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What Changes to Expect with the Health Law Repeal

Republicans continue to look for ways to repair or replace the health law. Recently, the focus has been on the suggestion of shrinking the list of essential services that insurers are required to offer. Michelle Andrews comments on the topic in an article published in...

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