There is a growing push for patients to take on the role of the consumer when seeking health care. However, the complexity of the health care industry naturally steers people away from taking greater control.

A movement of greater transparency has given patients more information and more choice. But despite these efforts, price comparisons are still hard to come by. And for those patients that need care immediately, searching around for the best care at a reasonable price is not an option.

Two unique options on the matter are shared in a recent article released by The Wall Street Journal. One says that there are simple steps that consumers could take to save a lot of money. While the other says that the health care system is still too complex for patients to navigate.

In the counter argument provided by Amanda Frost, she states:

“When it comes to making decisions about our health care, being a “smart shopper” takes more effort than most of us are willing to put in.”

Ultimately, until there is greater transparency in the health care industry, most people are unable to take on the daunting role of the consumer.

For more information about this topic, read Can Consumers Be Smart Health-Care Shoppers, from The Wall Street Journal.