Last week, the White House gave their support for proponents of the federal Right to Try law benefiting terminally ill patients. This law gives terminally ill patients easier access to experimental medicine not yet approved by the FDA. And with the outspoken support of President Trump, the law is one step closer to being passed.

‘Right to Try’ allows terminally ill patients access to experimental drugs without jumping through the FDA’s unnecessary hurdles along the way. In an article written for The Wall Street Journal, Thomas Burton comments on the situation stating:

“They contend red tape and FDA rules get in the way of compassionate access to new drugs, and they say patients should be able to use experimental drugs that are in clinical studies, after they have passed initial safety testing.”

This law could potentially save thousands of lives. And it would also give pharmaceutical companies a first-hand experience to determine whether a drug is an effective course of treatment.

The main concert of the FDA should be first and foremost to protect the patients’ health and life. But with the ‘Right to Try’, terminally ill patients have the choice to try experimental drugs to help potentially save their own life and others that follow.

For more information on the ‘Right to Try’ and its support from the White House, read the article, White House Backs ‘Right to Try’ for Terminally Ill Patients, from The Wall Street Journal.