Many companies look to offer broad PPO networks to increase health care options for their employees. However, it is a common misconception that the more medical facilities and professionals available in the network, the better the coverage is. With the focus on these networks providing  “all-inclusive” coverage, employers often miss that there is a great variance in quality and outcome resulting in inconsistent cost for employees.

As a means of lowering costs, companies are looking at in-network facilities that provide specific services at lower costs than other facilities. In the article, “Three Ways Broad PPO Networks Can Cost You”, Andy Neary writes how this method contains its negative effects as well:

“A carrier-owned network is where plan-design creativity often goes to die. You have to look outside carrier-owned networks in order to create change and reduce costs.”

In order to combat the rising costs of the health care industry today, one must think differently. The traditional plans and networks that many companies offer can be misleading in price, quality, and outcome. This only adds to the broken health care system that is so controversial today.

It is time to break away from the traditional PPO networks if you want to provide your employees a quality health care plan at a low cost. Before deciding what network is right for your employees, contact a BCR specialist to discover all of the health care options available.

Read the full article, Three Ways Broad PPO Networks Can Cost You, for more information.