This past week, several news stories shared different viewpoints on the trending topic of inflated drug prices. One medication drug in particular being the well known, allergy reversing EpiPen. Mylan, the maker of the EpiPen, is under great pressure as prices raised from $94 to $608 in less than 10 years time.

Consumers are beginning to challenge the drug and health care industry questioning, “Why are these prices so high?”

In an article written by Frederick Daso, he inquires about the justification of the dramatic increase proposing two questions:

“One, do pharmaceutical companies have an inherent social responsibility to produce affordable medicinal products and services? Two, should the federal government step in to prevent price gouging of medical products within the pharmaceutical industry to protect consumers and ensure access to life-enhancing care?”

These questions spark an interesting conversation that needs to be discussed by today’s consumers. Why are these prices so high and is there anything that could bring them back to an even playing field? Others may believe in a Laissez-faire approach, waiting for the market to naturally run its course without interference.

Read the full article by Daso, America’s Allergic Reaction to Mylan CEO Heather Bresch’s Insatiable Greed, for a unique perspective on this controversial topic.