Insurers are looking to cut costs as they try to adapt under the pressure of the Affordable Care Act. Many are moving toward health care plans that narrow the choices in hospitals and doctors in order to fight rising health care costs. Instead of offering Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) that offer a larger selection in health care options and out-of-network coverage, insurers are offering Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPO) that significantly limit the selection available.

In a recent article discussing this situation, Anna Wilde Mathews writes:

“Since the ACA’s first year, insurers have offered narrow-network plans on the exchanges to keep premiums down, but the trend appears set to jump. The HMO-style plans represented 64% of the exchange offerings in the McKinsey sampling of states in 2016, and 55% in 2015.”

Although this trend may seem like a good idea to help businesses fight costs, it takes away the employees’ right to choose the care and coverage of their liking. If you want to discover all the health care possibilities available for your company to help mitigate the costs while still providing employees with all the options for doctors and facilities, give BCR a call today.

Read the full article, Insurers Move to Limit Options in Health-Care Exchange Plans, from the Wall Street Journal for more information.