Welcome to the BCR blog!

Welcome to the BCR blog! This is an exciting step for BCR as we get the opportunity to continue to inform our clients on the economics of different medical benefit plans and the unintended consequences of the ACA legislation.

As a business consulting firm we provide the best options for our clients by helping to manage their health care dollars more efficiently. Consider this blog your trusted adviser, providing relevant information about pharmacies, hospital systems, health care and more! By sharing breaking news, you get the opportunity to read what is happening within the health care system and how it is affecting companies bottom line and your employees’ wallets.

What would you want if you knew all the possibilities?

Now you have the chance to know! Don’t be blindsided by the expense of health care and unrealistic 401k retirement plans. Get ahead of the game and know all the options with the BCR blog.

If there is a topic we have yet to cover, we want you to tell us, as we encourage comments, suggestions, and feedback. It is our intent to make this blog as much about you and your employees’ health care needs as possible!

We look forward to the exciting posts ahead and we hope to see you back at the BCR blog soon!