Last week, the Obama administration released a data analysis stating that costs remained the same over the first and second year of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for people who obtain their own health care. As a result, big insurance companies are forced to make dramatic premium increases in the coming year.

In the article, “Obama Administration Counters Insurer View on Healthcare Law’s Costs”, Louise Radnofsky writes:

“Health insurers already have filed proposed rates for the year ahead with state regulators, and big plans across the country are seeking hefty premium increases because of what they say are substantial losses in the first few years of the law’s implementation.”

This news is critical to shed light that it is in people’s best interest to look for alternatives to the typical insurance company because of the inflated rates ahead. At BCR, we can help you find all the options available to ensure that your healthcare dollars are spent effectively.

Read the full article, Obama Administration Counters Insurer View on Healthcare Law’s Costs, from the Wall Street Journal for more information.