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We are a business consulting firm specializing in commercial self-funded medical benefits and 401k retirement plans. We design programs to help clients manage their health care dollars efficiently by providing fixed cost expense reduction, enhanced cash flow management, large claim negotiation resulting in long term premium stability.

At BCR, we do what we say we will do, on time and within budget. This means scheduled periodic reviews with your company’s leadership team, ensuring accountability and cost justification for every benefit dollar being offered to employees and their families.


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What is a Captive?

A captive is a special purpose insurance company insuring the risks of its parent company, or companies. A captive can be owned by a single company, or a group of companies who are sharing in profits and or losses.

BCR can develop a plan that allows its clients to retain the profit that would have been made by an outside third-party insurance company or to provide coverage where coverage would not be available. The plan can be completely customized based on need, risk tolerance, and cost.

There are many different types of captives depending on the needs of the parent company or who its owners are.

Group Stop Loss Captive is one example.

With a Stop Loss Captive created and managed by BCR, your company’s leadership team selects the individual retention that fits your budget and your risk tolerance. Our programs help to stabilize your cash flow and provide positive taxation advantages.

We also utilize a risk sharing component which allows each company to collateralize their own risk. By collateralizing your group’s risk you gain the opportunity to participate in the underwriting gain or captive surplus. To ensure our success, we cap each group’s exposure so any one particular group can’t drain the entire captive.

By using this methodology, the negative claim experience of any one participating company can be minimized on the Group Captive as a whole. Each member of the group maintains their own self-funded insurance plans, the captive serves as an added layer of insurance that provides an increased level of risk management to the members of the group.

Case Study.


Mid-Atlantic Manufacturing Firm


Strategy 1 – Eliminate Pharmacy Waste
Strategy 2 – Adopt Claim Handling Protocols
Strategy 4 – Alternative Risk Transfer with OT Carve Out


270 EEs on plan

Reduced annual employee cost to 50% industry standard

This group was previously self—funded for 14 years. In their 15th year, the group implemented our program, which resulted in a savings of roughly 25%. In their second year in our program, medical stop loss and employer risk layer was additionally reduced by another 23%.

1. Pharmacy costs were reduced
2. Facility claims costs were dramatically reduced
3. Stop Loss “Captive” strategies successfully implemented

Illustration key: Blue is data from Truven MedStat. Green is Previous Plan. Red is BCR strategy.


Industry Standard Annual EE Cost:
Previous Self Funded Program Annual EE Cost:


Industry Standard Annual EE Cost:
$12,100 (13%)
BCR program annual EE Cost:


Estimated Industry Annual EE Cost:
$13,600 (13%)
BCR program (4% Renewal):


Est Industry Annual EE Cost:
$15,500 (13%)
Estimated BCR program (10% Renewal):

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